10 Family Films That Secretly Brainwashed You

Lil' Brainwash Hold onto your inner child, folks, because that little boy or girl is about to get blown away. You've been brainwashed through the most insidious means available: beloved family cinema. Obviously, you don't know it. That's the way good brainwashing works. I am morally obligated to warn you before you read another word... If you cling to memories of your happy late twentieth century childhood, stop reading now. This article shall open doors that can never be closed again. So with all that in mind, if you so choose, come follow me into the darkness of disillusionment.

10. FernGully - The Last Rainforest (1992)

Ferngully Obvious propaganda here, so I figured this was a good place to start. Before FernGully, no one gave a damn about the environment. Now that€™s all changed. With some nice Miyazakian beats, FernGully tells a magical tale of love and wonder in a vibrant, living setting. Hexxus brings terrible calamity with his lust for logging. Thankfully, through their love and support of the environment, the good guys come out on top. Now, over a decade later, people are bonkers about mother Earth. Vegan and vegetarianism run rampant. Hybrid cars cross the country. Thanks to FernGully€™s not-so-hidden agenda, the environment is finally safe.
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