10 Family Films That Secretly Brainwashed You

9. Wall-E (2008)

Wall-E Some of you may think I€™m crazy when I say that Wall-E has a message it is trying to send to children. You may say, €œChris, I can see where you€™re coming from with all these other movies, but Wall-E is stretching it.€ In actuality, there is a very clear agenda here: Robo Supremacy. Wall-E fools you into thinking that robots are cute and lovable. We should trust them. We should listen to show tunes with them. That way, our defenses are nice and lowered, which will enable Skynet to commence Judgment Day. If you haven€™t already, please don€™t let your children watch Wall-E. The resistance is going to need all the hardcore robot hating soldiers it can get. Please, consider the future of our planet.
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