10 Famous Actor Pairings You Didn't Realise Hated One Another In Real Life

Just because there was great chemistry on screen doesn't mean there was in real life.

Hollywood: the land where dreams come true, where magic becomes a reality, and where egos develop into the size of small planets. Yes, we all have a stake in the glitzy world of film, whether it be by virtue of gushing adoration or due to thinly-veiled contempt, and it's no secret to the stars that the world is, for better or for worse, obsessed. Thus, the pressure is paramount with millions of eyes trained on these celebrities at all times, and tensions run higher than ever; egos build and clash with more fervour than the Titans: fights are only expected to break out on film sets between actors, bruising prides, reputations, and occasionally faces. Sometimes, as is the case with many of the following, these heated arguments and soaring tensions (generally billed tersely as "creative differences") have led to fantastic, electric and deliciously believable on-screen chemistries and some dynamic duos for ages. The line between love and hate, as they say, is a fine one, and in this world of method, movie magic and make-believe, it can blur like nothing else. Other times, of course, it just gets ugly. In any case, egos and emotions are prone to clash between stars on movie sets, and all we common folk can really do about it is point and laugh. So, without further ado, here are 10 instances of on-set feuds between actors while shooting some of our favourite flicks...

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