10 Famous Actor Pairings You Didn't Realise Hated One Another In Real Life

10. Robert Shaw & Richard Dreyfuss - Jaws

The acclaim of Steven Spielberg€™s thriller Jaws is perhaps overshadowed in fame only by the sheer amount of production problems that beleaguered the set of the now classic film, which included a giant shark with an unfortunate inability to swim, float, or be generally waterproof at all. To add fuel to the already rampant fire, two of the film€™s stars were engaged in open warfare with one another. The enmity between Richard Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss on set often got ugly, according to Spielberg. Shaw was relentlessly and unreasonably annoyed by his co-star throughout filming and would frequently offer thorny comments to Dreyfuss, commenting on his weight and his habits: €œWhy, you couldn€™t even do ten push-ups,€ he said to Dreyfuss. €œAt your age, it€™s criminal.€ Dreyfuss was often goaded in some way or another by his unnecessarily competitive and frequently inebriated co-star while filming Jaws; Shaw challenged him to perform humiliating stunts just for the hell of it, such as betting him a hundred bucks to jump off the mast of the Orca into the water. But all in all, Dreyfuss came away relatively unscathed, and, according to Spielberg, the movie and the spiky relationship of their characters benefited from the sparks flying between the two actors, just as the thrill of the film was increased by virtue of a hydrophobic shark.

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