10 Famous Actors Who Literally Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

Old habits die hard.

Oceans Brad Pitt

There are tons of lists on the internet exploring movie directors and their associated "trademarks", but there aren't quite as many dealing with the actors in the frames of said movies, who you might not have realised are also fond of repeating the same tried-and-tested tricks.

Whereas movie directors are probably more conscious in their attempts to insert their fingerprints (Steven Spielberg's fondness for shooting stars, for example), it's quite possible that some of the world's most famous actors aren't actually fully aware of their own reoccurring idiosyncrasies. Some actor trademarks have become incredibly well know, of course: Tom Cruise's penchant for running in literally every movie he's ever made has since become pretty much the highlight of...well, every movie he has made since, and there's barely anybody alive who hasn't noticed that Brad Pitt likes eating in every Brad Pitt movie. Like, a lot. Either that, or they can't stop that guy from chowing down on the set.

Anyway, here's 10 more actors who literally seem to do the same (often hilarious) things in every movie...


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