10 Famous Actors Who Literally Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

10. Samuel L. Jackson Can't Stop Ranting

Deep Blue Sea

As Witnessed In: Pulp Fiction, Deep Blue Sea, A Time To Kill, Snakes on a Plane, The Negotiator, Django Unchained, Losing Isaiah, Unbreakable, The Spirit

Think of Samuel L. Jackson "doing acting" for a moment. The likelihood is that you're not envisioning him saying a single line, like Jurassic Park's iconic "Hold on to your butts!", but rather he's indulging in a huge, seemingly never-ending monologue on one of two subjects: it's either about why things are so f*cked up, or how things are about to get so f*cked up. That's it. And nobody delivers 'em quite like good ol' Uncle Sam.

Who knows why Sam Jackson has become Hollywood's go to guy when it comes to long, shouty rants? Is it because all those words sound great coming out of his mouth? Well, yes, that's one reason for it, but it probably hails all the way back to the Pulp Fiction days. Arguably the most famous point in the movie is the one where Jackson delivers the "Ezekiel 25: 17" speech, and ever since then... well, he's been ranting for a living.


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