10 Famous Actors Who Have Resigned Themselves To Just Doing Cameos

What's wrong with paying your bills through an extensive amount of bit parts, brief appearances and cameo roles?

The movie cameo has continued to fascinate audiences ever since somebody decided they should legitimately be a thing: there's apparently something inherently pleasing about the idea of an actor turning up in something that we never expected them to turn up in, long after the movie has started, to deliver a single line, or stick around for a humorous skit. Of course, the less anticipated the cameo, the more acceptable it is to shout about how you didn't see it coming. Still, there are some famous actors who - in recent times - have become sort of renowned for just popping up in cameo appearances, as if their agent has been specifically asked to make sure that they get as many in as possible for the extra cash. That's to say, there are actors who have done so many cameos lately (or small roles that might as well be cameos) that the overall effect of their cameoing is kind of being lost as a result. "Is this all they do now?" we might ask ourselves. The following 10 actors have sort of fallen into a groove where it really, really seems as though their careers are strung out over a series of small, cameo-ish roles - we're supposed to awe and perhaps even ironically appreciate that they're turning up at every instance, of course, but how many times can you have the same actor popping up in a somewhat self-aware role without getting a little tired of the whole thing? As many times as these guys have, apparently... Please Note: We're aware that some of the actors mentioned on the following list still take on substantial film roles from time to time - the point of the article is that their doing so feels kind of rare when contrasted with the amount of cameo roles that these actors appear to take on.

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