10 Famous Actors Who Have Resigned Themselves To Just Doing Cameos

10. John Goodman

Granted, John Goodman is a character actor, so his presence in near-on any film - no matter how small or large the part - should probably be judged on those terms. But whereas John Goodman used to, you know, play characters, his recent roles seem to rely heavily on that "oh, look, it's John Goodman" factor. After all, there was more of a sense than usual that he was phoning it in when he took parts in Argo, Inside Llewyn Davis, Flight, Campaign and The Internship - these don't feel much like anything other than cameo roles for the sake of it. Even his larger role in The Hangover III back in 2012 - as the central antagonist, mind - felt like an extended cameo gone wrong - there was no sense of the much needed irony that might have actually rendered this bizarrely straight performance amusing. It seemed to exist uncomfortably, like a fat man stuck in the desert, almost as if the filmmakers just said: "Let's get John Goodman as the bad guy - that'll be enough." Goodman takes on larger roles occasionally, but he currently seems to be relying on a kind of "popping up" mentality that feels kind of beneath him.

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