10 Famous Actors Who Always Seem To Die In Every Movie

Buscemi Dieing in the movies works a little differently than it does in real life. For starters, it's not permanent, and it doesn't actually hurt. Which is why, I presume, the majority of actors aren't too fussed when they flick through their latest script to find that their character is going to be electrocuted, thrown off a cliff, and eaten by dinosaurs in the third act. Hey, that's show business - when you gotta get eaten by dinosaurs, you gotta get eaten by dinosaurs, right? Saying that, there are some actors whose entire careers seem to hinge on the nature of their on-screen deaths. Almost as if it's impossible to cast them unless you adhere to a small line of print in their contracts that details: "Actor must not survive until the end of the movie. Character must be shot, stabbed, thrown from a height, or killed by explosives." Or perhaps a long career spent playing bad guys means they really have no choice but to die, 'cause typecasting. Join me as I take a look at 10 actors whose collected responsibility appears to be "do all the dieing for the movies, ever." Sometimes these actors are playing heroes, sometimes they're playing villains, or maybe they're playing characters with no moral alignment at all. It doesn't matter: with these guys, it all means death. Though it probably goes without saying, there are a ton of death-related spoilers inherent to this article in its entirety...
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