10 Famous Actors Who Inexplicably Popped Up In Found Footage Movies

What does Wickus do when not swearing about prawns?

Let€™s face it: found footage movies aren€™t going anywhere anytime soon. Why would they? They€™re cheap to make, fast to film, easy to market, and practically guaranteed to turn a profit, regardless of their Tomatometer score. And just as quality has become less and less of a priority, so too has the genre€™s adherence to authenticity, particularly when it comes to casting. That Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael C. Williams weren€™t recognizable faces or household names was a huge part of the reason that The Blair Witch Project turned into such an insane success; by casting unknowns in the three lead roles, directors Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick enhanced what was already an uncomfortably palpable experience. Contrast that with last weekend€™s The Pyramid, which stars familiar character actor Denis O€™Hare€“of True Blood and American Horror Story€“as a €œreal€ archaeologist documenting his team's excavation into the dark bowels of an ancient Egyptian tomb. O€™Hare€™s a fine actor, but his casting reeks of a fundamental misunderstanding of the genre's basic appeal. After all, why make a found footage movie if all you€™re going to do is cast someone whose mere presence undercuts the entire point of the movie being pesudo-real to begin with? O€™Hare is far from being the only famous face to ever pop up in a found footage movie and totally kill the film's "reality." Here are ten more egregiously distracting examples.

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