10 Famous Actors Who Play The Same Role In Every Horror Movie

Typecast yet again...

Ash Vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell

Versatility is a quality often associated with good acting.

The ability to portray a wide range of characters embodying different personalities, emotions, and backgrounds is a sign that a performer really knows how to get to grips with a part no matter what it might be.

But you know what's thoroughly underrated? Playing one role consistently and being really good at it.

Horror is a genre known for its archetypes, so it's hardly surprising that so many of those who act in it pick a lane and stay there. Final girl, brooding action hero, big scary monster - these are all roles that need to be filled and these ten guys and gals are more than happy to be the go-to.

Please don't think we're ragging on any of these actors. As we said, there is nothing wrong with knowing your strengths and working with them. In fact, it can be quite comforting in this ever-changing world to know that these ten faces will always be the same no matter what.

You can keep your method acting and your immersive research, we'll take this lot over all that any day of the week.

10. Dee Wallace

Ash Vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell

The term "Scream Queen" is used to refer to a female actor prominently associated with horror movies.

It has been attached to many stars over the decades, but one of the most consistent and overlooked in our eyes is the fabulous Dee Wallace.

Though you might know her as the mum from E.T., Wallace had already secured a bit part in The Stepford Wives before taking on a much larger role in The Hills Have Eyes.

She played Lynne, the eldest daughter of the tragic Wood family that runs afoul of Papa Jupiter and his deranged clan.

Dee has then continued to play the woman in peril across the rest of her horror career. Roles in The Howling, Cujo, and Critters all followed and all see Wallace go up against some kind of evil being with the odds firmly stacked against her.

Wallace's likeability and screen presence made her the perfect candidate for the sympathetic "damsel in distress" horror archetype. Whilst there is plenty of discussion to be had around that trope's place in horror today, there's no denying that Dee scored an A+ for her work with it.


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