10 Famous Actors You Didn’t Know Started Out In Horror Films

leatherface mortensen It's a common concept that getting into the acting world is hard. Very hard. To start out, your average actor will take a few odd jobs here and there, playing background or minor characters or taking lead roles in more niche films. A primary film genre for the aspiring new actor is horror - plenty of hapless teenagers running around flaunting their acting skills by screaming and yelling like madmen. Its not uncommon for actors to take these parts and end up famous, even if it is the minority that make it big. There are plenty of big name celebrities whose careers were less spectacular when they began. Most were young, fresh faced teens or twenty-somethings, so it's often fun to look back at the now A-list celebs back when they were mere mortal beings. Look deeply enough and you'll find many of the biggest names of Hollywood, actors and actresses you'd least expect to be making these appearances, running from psycho killers or screaming wildly at ghosts. Here's a rundown of ten of the most popular performers around and the horror movies they started out in. Obviously not every role will have been their complete debut, but all were back before they were famous.

10. Jennifer Aniston - Leprechaun

Then05_Flatbed_1 - MAY Just a year before a certain sitcom thrust her into the biggest spotlight imaginable; Jennifer Aniston was playing the lead role in so-bad-it€™s-good schlock horror Leprechaun. In the film she pays a wealthy, spoilt young woman who lacks many life skills (remind you of anyone?), but it is fortunate that her acting abilities improved in the following year as her performance is regrettably just as bad as the rest of the film. On a quick note, I was tempted to include Warwick Davis, as the titular role of the film, but his real start came in the form of Wicket the Ewok in Star Wars ten years prior, which is about as big a start as you can get. Nowjennifer aniston 2 Since this strange beginning to her career, Aniston went on to play Rachel Green in Friends, which made her one of the six most well-known names on television throughout the 90s. She has gone on to have parts in She€™s the One, Office Space, Bruce Almighty and even received her star on the Walk of Fame earlier this year. All great achievements considering she started life as a stock slasher actress facing off against a Leprechaun of all things.
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