10 Famous Movie Props That Sold For Ridiculous Prices

Some people just have money to burn.

Warner Bros.

Even though most of them go unnoticed, movies contain an insane amount of props littered throughout each scene.

From books to plates to furniture, a lot of items have been purposefully placed in order to evoke a certain mood, tell us things about the characters - maybe they're messy, organised, or laid back - and to make the world feel a bit more tangible.

However, these ordinary props don't exactly increase in value when the movie has done shooting - at least, not by a lot. A piece of cutlery used in The Truman Show will probably be more valuable than your average IKEA set, sure, but it's the iconic props - the lightsabers, the wands, the cars, the weapons - that go on to be truly valuable collector's items.

When the production company, filmmaker or memorabilia outlet who possesses these props no longer has any need for them (or they have a couple stashed away and want to get rid of a few) they often get sold off, and over the years, we've seen some truly eye-watering prices being paid for some incredibly famous movie-related items.

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