10 Famous Movie Villains With Lame Motivations

Bad guys can be quite petty sometimes...


Though the majority of movies follow the hero's journey, it's impossible to have a compelling story without some sort of force opposing them. Whether it's a supervillain, a team of government agents, or something more abstract, the villain of the piece not only has to challenge the protagonist in interesting ways, but they have to be fleshed out enough to make them feel like a truly potent threat.

Unfortunately, a lot of movies get villains wrong. When the priority is making sure that the hero is worthy enough to build a whole film around, it can be hard to dedicate enough story real estate to the bad guy, and they can all too easily fall flat. Sometimes, the very core of their villainy is the problem, and if their reason for turning evil is paper thin or makes no sense, it can be hard to take them seriously for the rest of the movie.

These villains aren't necessarily bad or forgettable, but they didn't exactly have a deep, captivating reason for getting up to their various sinister shenanigans, and it does diminish their impact when you realise that their motivations are just... pretty lame.


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