10 Famous Movie Villains With Lame Motivations

9. Edgar Balthazar (The Aristocats)

Amazing Spider Man 2

The Motivation: He didn't want to look after his boss's cats.

Edgar Balthazar might be the stupidest Disney villain of all time, simply because his reasons for carrying out his evil plan are insanely dumb.

Edgar serves as the butler for millionaire and cat enthusiast Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, who, naturally, has a gigantic fortune to leave behind once she passes away. The thing is, she doesn't have any living relatives, and so decides to leave all of her money to her cats. This annoys Edgar, who attempts to try and get rid of the felines so he can have all the money for himself.

What Edgar doesn't seem to realize is that cats can't spend money. Yes, Madame Bonfamille's will states that her fortune is to be left to her cats, but it also notes that Edgar is to look after the cats until they die, at which point he will inherit the fortune himself.

So, because cats can't exactly hire an accountant to take care of their finances, Edgar will inherit them - and their fortune - when his boss passes away, meaning that he doesn't have to try and get rid of them at all. He's motivated by unnecessary greed, quite a flimsy reason to try and harm several innocent cats - or maybe he's just too lazy to clean out a litter tray every once in a while?


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