10 Famous Movies That Sold Themselves On Boobs Alone

Three cheers for mammaries! And ticket sales!

Ever since the beach party genre exploded in the 60s, where girls in bikinis accounted for about half of the movies' budgets, boobs have been used as a way to sell otherwise awful films to audiences who can't get enough of that fleshy stuff. So sexploitation flicks flourished in the 70s, which were replaced with more light-hearted teen sex romps in the 80s. Even some very high profile, critically acclaimed films have used the tactic to capture that rare demographic who couldn't care less about Academy Awards but who loves some boobies (14 to 22-year-old males, mostly). Titanic brought a legion of begrudging males to the theatre once their significant others promised they would see Kate Winslet€™s bare breasts. Thousands of them sat through a 3-hour period drama with the cheesiest love story the 90s could handle for a 5-second shot of her chest. And with a staggeringly number of movies being released each year, all fighting for the attention of anxious audiences who dread the increasingly high cost of tickets, the desperate full-frontal assault of marketing teams is becoming quite apparent. In fact, some entire movie plots have been predicated on the sight of beautiful, dangly orbs. (We're looking at you, Breast Men.) With that, please enjoy the following images of boobs, and also some words about them. ...BOOBS!

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