10 Famous People You May Have Forgotten Were Oscar Winners

Malcolm Tucker has an Oscar? Are you f*cking kidding me?

The Academy Awards are over with. With 86 Oscar ceremonies in the bag, that means there have been over one thousand Oscar winners in the last ten decades. Considering how many different categories there are, including Best Original Score and Best Song, you don't necessarily have to be in the film industry in order to win a golden statue. Case in point: Adele from last year's Oscars, who won for Skyfall. Now look at Sunday's Oscars: Pharrell Williams, Arcade Fire, Karen O, and U2 were all nominated for awards. Think about it: we were very close to seeing Pharrell Williams and his crazy hat win an Academy Award on Sunday evening. But if he won, would you have started to refer to him as "Academy-Award winner Pharrell Williams"? Probably not. Because eventually this type of information starts to slip from your memory, or it simply becomes difficult to reconcile with. For those who had been fans of the Nine Inch Nails since the '90s, for example, didn't it freak you out seeing Trent Reznor on stage accepting an Academy Award back in 2011? Isn't this the same guy who wanted to me like an animal? How strange. That's essentially what this list is about. It covers 10 famous people whom you may have forgotten were Oscar winners. With some of these, you may not have even known they were Oscar winners in the first place, or you once knew but the knowledge has since escaped from your brain....


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