10 Fan Theories For Upcoming Movies (That We Hope Are True)

Steve Trevor: Green Lantern?

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman Green Lantern
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With more and more blockbuster movies trying their best to keep their biggest secrets under wraps, there's a lot less concrete information out there that audiences can use to build up expectations and know what they're in store for on opening night.

This leads to theories being created to fill in those gaps, with fans attempting to pull together the limited details we actually know for certain, and turn them into a cohesive whole. While these theories are pure guff a lot of the time, on occasion, they're shockingly well thought-out, and what's more, would be really exciting additions to their movies if they just so happened to come true.

With this year's summer movie season over and done with, we're at a point in time where most of next year's biggest releases aren't close enough to give us any footage, but also aren't so far away that we know absolutely nothing about them. This is prime fan theory territory, and the internet has been firing on all cylinders with the amount of great ideas it's had about various movies on the horizon...

10. The Eternals Were Created By The Infinity Stones

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman Green Lantern
Marvel Studios

The Eternals is slated to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's second movie of 2020, and since these characters are newcomers in this universe, it's unclear how their origin story will be handled.

What we do know - courtesy of the cast relaying information to EW - is that the MCU's Eternals will be "a race of immortal aliens sent to Earth by the Celestials to protect humankind from the Deviants". We've met the Celestials in the MCU before (Ego is a Celestial, and we also saw Eson the Searcher in Guardians of the Galaxy) so we know that they're among the most powerful beings in the universe, and the general idea is that they created the Eternals long ago. But how?

One fan theory has suggested that the Eternals will be brought into existence via the power of the Infinity Stones. We already know that the Stones are capable of creating powerful life forms (the Mind Stone gave Scarlet Witch her abilities), and we also know that the Celestials have possessed the Stones at one point in time: Eson is seen wielding the Power Stone, for example.

Phase 4 is a new beginning for the MCU, but it's not unreasonable to expect callbacks and references to the earlier Phases, since that's one of the most entertaining things about keeping up with these movies. Since we've literally seen a Celestial use an Infinity Stone before, this theory just makes too much sense, and it would be a relatively simple and efficient way to explain why the Eternals are so powerful.


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