10 Fan Theories That Make Comedies Really Depressing

Fan theories: ruining your favourite films since the dawn of the internet.

Kevin Mcallister Jigsaw Theory

The world can be a dark and dreary place at times but luckily us film fans have a world of escapism at our fingertips. Pop a comedy on the ole Netflix and soon enough you can be belly laughing all of your troubles away.

That is until some knob on the internet comes up with a new interpretation of your favourite film that casts it in an entirely new and depressing light.

Don’t get us wrong: fan theories can be a wonderful (if often very weird) thing. Some of them offer a previously unthought of reading that can actually make a movie seem deeper or more enjoyable or interesting.

Not these fan theories, however, which suck all the joy out of some of cinema’s funniest films. Be prepared to never see your favourite comedies in the same way again because according to these theories between all the gags and laughs they’re actually all about metal illness, psychopaths and racism. Oh, and death … so much death.

10. Grease – Sandy Drowns At The Start

Kevin Mcallister Jigsaw Theory
Paramount Pictures

Hold on to your hats Grease fans because everything you thought you knew about your favourite feelgood musical is about to get rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong-ed.

One point of conversation since the beloved musical was released is just what on Earth that flying convertible scene at the end is all about. Even in a film where people spontaneously burst into song and dance every ten minutes the flying car finale seems a tad outlandish and this fan theory has a perfect but very depressing explanation as to why it’s there at all.

Apparently, Sandy never made it to Rydell High School but rather drowned at the beach sometime shortly after she first met Danny. Everything we see after Grease’s opening scene is a vivid coma dream cooked up by Sandy’s oxygen deprived brain while the car flying off heavenwards at the end is symbolic of Sandy’s death as she succumbs to her coma.


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