10 Fan Theories That Make Comedies Really Depressing

9. Home Alone – Kevin McAllister Grows Up To Be Jigsaw

Kevin Mcallister Jigsaw Theory
Fox/ Lions Gate

Cute little Kevin McCallister proved himself quite the formidable foe after his neglectful parents accidentally left him behind while they buggered off to celebrate Christmas in Paris and he was forced to singlehandedly outwit a pair of thieves hellbent on burgling his home via a series of intricate traps.

A childhood tarnished by parental negligence and the trauma of having to defend your home alone from marauding criminals could have quite a negative effect on a young, impressionable mind like Kevin’s. It could even cause him to mature into an equally formidable serial killer. Like a certain John Kramer aka Jigsaw from the Saw movies, perhaps?

Think about it: Jigsaw loves building highly intricate death traps that are practically impossible for his victims to escape from. Could he have honed that skill constructing similar (albeit less deadly) traps while battling the Wet Bandits in his previous life as Kevin McCallister?

We blame his parents.


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