10 Fantastic Asian Horror Films You Must See Before You Die

8. Audition (1999)

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If artistic beauty lies at one end of the creative spectrum and f***d up torture-porn at the other, Audition lies slap-bang in the middle.

That's extreme horror specialist Takashi Miike all over, but his 1999 project is twisted even by his own warped standards.

Protagonist Shigeharu Aoyama is a bit of a creep, holding an audition to help him find a second wife, but even he doesn't deserve what happens to him during this traumatic, 113-minute exercise in sadism, which is no less of an ordeal for the viewer.

Somewhere between that scene with the dog bowl and the piano wire assault, Audition will leave you with permanent mental scars, and we're still trying to work out whether that makes it a good movie.

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