10 Fantastic Asian Horror Films You Must See Before You Die

10. The Eye (2002)


When a blind woman regained her sight via a miraculous operation, the audience will have been forgiven for thinking they were in for an uplifting, feel-good story better suited to daytime TV, but The Eye is anything but.

It turns out that retina transplants come with some horrific, ghostly side effects that have Angelica Lee's protagonist screaming out for a return to the sweet, black abyss.

The Eye is intentionally slow-paced, biding its time to build a sense of foreboding before paying out in eerie imagery and a trouser-soilingly terrifying lift scene that will have you taking the stairs for the rest of your life.

A Hollywood remake of the Singaporean original was released in 2008, but ended up being vastly inferior, mostly because it had Jessica Alba in it.

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