10 Fantastic Asian Horror Films You Must See Before You Die

4. Dark Water (2002)

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Hideo Nakata

A soak in the tub will never be the relaxing experience it once was after you've seen Dark Water.

Ringu mastermind Hideo Nakata takes viewers on a slow-paced journey through dark, unsettling territory where eerie imagery haunts us throughout.

It follows a divorcee and her young daughter in an old apartment block where strange happenings coincide with a growing black spot on the ceiling where water seeps in.

If ghostly children and a fear of drowning are the kind of thing that haunt your worst nightmares, Dark Water will knock your psyche sideways.

A 2005 remake starring Jennifer Connelly recaptured the original's intrigue, but failed to launch a full-on assault on our senses like its Japanese predecessor.

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