10 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About John Wick

5. Reeves Memorised A Fight Scene The Day They Shot It, While Running An Awful Fever

John Wick Chapter Two Keanu Reeves
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One of the most impressively choreographed moments of the first John Wick movie was the nightclub fight scene in which Keanu's focussed hitman is in hot pursuit of Alfie Allen's Iosef. What makes it even more impressive is how Keanu memorised the scene.

Keanu memorised the entire sequence the day it was filmed, and performed it perfectly, as we have now come to expect of the actor and his seemingly superhuman abilities. What makes this even more spectacular is that Keanu was battling a flu at the time, and was running a fever of 104 degrees.

These scenes were shot over two days, with Keanu powering through both and demonstrating once again that he's pretty much just as badass as his on-screen character.

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