10 Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Film

9. Psylocke

Fan favorite Betsy Braddock has an extremely convoluted past but basically started out as a British telepathic member of the X-Men whose consciousness was later transplanted into the body of a Japanese ninja, developing telekinetic abilities along the way. Also, she€™s Captain Britain's sister. Phew. I admit that this could be tricky to translate to film, so I would just focus on the badass ninja phase which could be everything that the latest Wolverine tried and failed to be. Also, how freaking cool would the psychic knife look on the big screen? Should Be Played By: Zhang Ziyi No-brainer this one. Zhang Ziyi has starred in some of the most successful martial art films of all time and has proven to be more than capable at nailing English language roles, too. The only issue here is that Ziyi is Chinese and not Japanese, but I would still love to see her in a role like this.
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