10 Film Characters Who Were Secretly The Villain All Along

Trust no one... not even minor film characters.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
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Sometimes, people do terrible things without really meaning to. People often act first without thinking of the consequences, and this can often mean that - inadvertently - they make terrible things happen. That said, sometimes people also just downright don't care about the aftereffects of their actions.

And because it's not as blatant, it's really, really easy to not notice when a person like this has done something wrong - especially in films, where you can often be so distracted by a terrifying monster or complicated plot that you'd never notice who was technically responsible.

It's more than fair - after all, people watch Jaws to see the shark, not the complex political corruption of Amity Island. You aren't watching Godzilla to see the external policies countries create revolving around dope Kaiju. But it's still worth talking about who is technically responsible for what, just so it doesn't feel like these fictional tricksters got away with it.

Between signing off on mass deaths, kidnapping amnesia-riddled innocents, and just plain old letting the world end, there are plenty of things that supposedly innocent characters did that, in retrospect, seems sketchy as all hell.

10. The Sheriff - Friday The 13th: Jason Lives

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
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When the sixth Friday the 13th instalment begins, it does so with Jason Voorhees safely dead. Well, safely dead until the film's lead, Tommy Jarvis, has the genius idea to dig him up - leading to the axe-wielding serial killer being hit by a bolt of lightning that bring him back to life.

While your instinct is to blame Tommy Jarvis for digging him up, he did kill Jason in the first place - and he wouldn't have done it were it not for the nightmares he was having, which very much suggested the murderer was going to come back anyways. As Jarvis himself says, the blame instead lies with the county Sheriff, who was paid to put the Voorhees boy in a grave.

While it's not exactly heroic to lie, the Sheriff could have easily pretended to have buried Voorhees and instead cremated him. The masked killer had already seemingly come back from the dead once in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and anyone even vaguely up to date with all the weird occurrences around Crystal Lake would surely be aware of this.


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