10 Film Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

10. Taxi Driver: Travis Is Probably Dead Already

Columbia Pictures

When Taxi Driver's Travis Bickle emerges victorious in the final battle against that pimp and his associates, saves the prostitute in distress and is hailed as a hero by the media, you'd be forgiven for thinking all of his problems were in the rearview mirror.

Robert De Niro's damaged war veteran won the day and earned the respect he so craved - that's a happy ending, right? Well, not quite.

Martin Scorsese and writer Paul Schrader have both confirmed that the strange glare Travis emits before the credits roll signifies that he's a ticking time bomb likely to blow the seemingly-happy ending eight ways from Sunday at any minute.

That's the best case scenario for the unhinged cabbie, as the theory that states he died during the final shootout in the brothel has more subscribers than Netflix.

Every sequence which follows is Travis's death dream, in which he imagines a world where everything he deemed wrong has been righted and he's celebrated for his actions.

It cannot be denied, the final stretch of Taxi Driver is rather dream-like, and that overhead shot immediately following the brothel shootout could well represent the protagonist's soul leaving his body.

In reality, you don't magically recover from the horrors of war by turning vigilante and saving the day, and Taxi Driver felt the need to subtly remind us of that at the last minute.


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