10 Film Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

9. Django Unchained: The Horrible Unseen Epilogue


Django Unchained brings down the curtain in triumphant fashion. Jamie Foxx's gunslinger put bullets in his white oppressors, blew the evil Candyland plantation to smithereens and rode off into the sunset with liberated wife Broomhilda, freedom papers in their possession.

Way to stick it to the man... except the story is guaranteed to have a horrible epilogue we never got to see, because Django would last all of five minutes in the American South after committing mass white guy slaughter.

Think about it - Django didn't just kill anyone. Calvin Candie was a wealthy landowner with powerful friends, who the hero also riddled with bullets for good measure. There's absolutely no way he's getting away with any of this.

Perhaps if he'd left nobody alive, he might have had a minuscule chance of making it out of the South unseen, but those plantations slaves who ran for freedom are nothing but nails in his coffin.

There's no way those ladies wouldn't point the nearest lawman in Django's direction under threat of torture, and his freedom papers would have all the value of toilet roll in light of the crimes he committed, however justified the may have been in the grand scheme of things.


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