10 Film Miscastings That Ruined Our Favorite Characters

Everyone loves to see their favorite book, or comic book brought to the big screen. But not like this...

Everyone loves to see their favorite book, or comic book brought to the big screen. It allows the reader to enter their favorite stories through another door, and, in some cases to gain a new appreciation for the story and its characters. On the other hand it can have the opposite affect. Adapting a story from one medium to another is always going to change some things---it just isn't practical to present everything in the movie as it was done in the book. There is one aspect above all, however, that has the ability to make or break a film adaptation and that is the casting. Attached to US screenings of The Amazing Spider-Man, is the trailer for the Jack Reacher film starring Tom Cruise in the title role - based on the books by Jim Grant (writing as Lee Child). In the novels, Jack is described as 6'5" with a sandy blonde hair. Mr. Cruise is a modest 5'7" and has black hair. Is this something fans will forgive in the film? Will it attract movie goers who are fans of Cruise while not being familiar with the source material? We'll find out soon enough - but in the meantime here are ten characters (in no particular order) who's physical appearance differed greatly from the source material.

10. Colin Farrell - Alexander the Great

In 2004, then 28 year old Colin Farrell took on the title role in a biopic of Alexander. 5'10" from Dublin, Ireland, his countenance doesn't seem to lend itself to the writings about the great emperor. Historically, Alexander is purported to be short and stocky with one blue eye and one brown eye. Not to mention the fact that he had neck and back problems that gave him the appearance of always looking toward the heavens. Having conquered the known world and created one of the largest empires in existence by the time he was thirty---at least Farrell was age appropriate for the part. Click "next" below to read the next entry...
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