10 Film Sequels That Were Better Than The Originals

Often in the world of cinema, there comes a great film so mind blowing and awesome, but then it gets ruined by Hollywood, who are not content enough with what they have. They have to go and milk the franchise for all that it is worth, which often leaves us feeling frustrated. This is often the case with horror and action movies, and occasionally some comedies which really are not funny after the thirtieth fart joke. However, on those extremely rare occasions, a great director will come along and actually improve on the original. This can come in many ways, such as taking the series in a brand new direction, writing the returning characters in a fantastic new way or by expanding the movie universe in such a manner that captivates and immerses you in the world. Here we count down 10 film sequels that improve vastly on their originals...

10. Friday The 13th Part II

Friday-the-13th-Part-2-jason-voorhees-26646754-853-480 The original Friday was perhaps one of the first mainstream slasher movies and was responsible for laying down the ground rules of the horror genre. A lot of the film is subjective - we learn about the legend of Jason Voorhees, a boy who was bullied at Camp Crystal Lake and subsequently drowned while being neglected by the camp councillors. When the camp is re-opened, though, a series of deaths start to occur, with the death effects being created by the legendary Tom Savini. Towards the end of the film, we learn that it isn't Jason back from the grave - it's his mother, who is deranged enough to think that all camp councillors are evil. She is quickly dispatched by our heroine, Alice. Friday 13th Part II starts as it means to go on. Alice is in her house feeling safe and secure after the events of the original, but upon opening the fridge, she finds the decapitated head of Mrs Voorhees and is quickly offed by none other than Jason, who makes his series debut in a rather fitting way. Five years pass and a group of teenagers arrive at Crystal Lake to open a councillor training facility, right next to the now-condemned Camp Crystal Lake. This was never a smart move, as we see the savagery of Jason, as he picks them off one by one. We also discover he has been hiding out in a cabin with the mummified head of his mother placed on a shrine surrounded by some of his victims - including the long dead Alice.
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