10 Film Sequels That Were Better Than The Originals

4. Evil Dead II

Evil-Dead-2-Ash-with-chainsaw While the original Evil Dead carried itself as a horror, the sequel took a more comedic approach, which worked beautifully. Most people often see Evil Dead II as a remake of the original, when in fact this isn't the case. People often confuse it as a remake due to the first seven minutes messing up the continuity between the two films. Since Rami had lost the rights to the first film, he had to re-shoot the beginning in order to provide a sort of recap. The second film really begins when Ash is thrown into the air by the Deadite forces as seen in the first film. The slapstick humour adds to the film, such as Ash having to battle with his possessed hand, culminating in Ash cutting it off and replacing it with his very own chainsaw. Over the years, the film itself has received a cult following and rightly so. It also spawned the highly enjoyable third movie, Army of Darkness, which places Ash in medieval times. All that is left to see now is if the remake will live up to its source material.
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