10 Film Sequels That Were Better Than The Originals

5. Batman Returns

If you are not familiar with Tim Burton by now, then where the heck have you been? For his second stint at directing Batman, he really does put his signature stamp on it. The film is dark, which has led to some people saying it is perhaps a little too dark for kids, which is why McDonald's pulled the Happy Meal tie in toys due to a furious parental backlash, but despite all this, it is still highly enjoyable. Every cast member pulls off their roles to perfection; Michelle Pfeiffer donned the Catwoman suit and Christopher Walken played a megalomaniac business tycoon who has teamed up with the Penguin, played by Danny DeVito. The action sequences were ramped up a notch too, with the stand out one for myself being when Batman goes to town on a bunch of clowns on the streets of Gotham. Sadly this was the last decent Batman film for some time due to Warner Bros taking it on a more "family friendly" direction, when in actual fact it made a mockery of Batman by turning him into a campy mess - that is until Christopher Nolan revived the series.
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