10 Films Directors Wanted You To Hate

9. Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

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Sin City took the world by storm when it came out back in 2005. It changed the way films are made and it helped legitimize the comic book film genre by showing how comic art and tones could be adapted to film. It took 9 years for a sequel to be made; a sequel which utilized the same green screen filmmaking approach as the original. But by the time A Dame to Kill For came around, it all felt pretty dated. And virtually no one liked it.

Even though there was an immediate interest in fast-tracking a sequel to Sin City, directors Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller, and Quentin Tarantino chose to prioritize other projects and the sequel kept getting pushed back. Then a pair of producing partners attained the rights to the sequel in 2012 and pressured the filmmakers (aside from Tarantino) and the Weinstein Company to get the ball rolling on another film, even though there wasn’t much public demand for a sequel anymore.

Now the same two producers are suing Rodriguez and the Weinstein Company in two different court cases. The producers accuse Rodriguez of not taking measures to keep the film from going over budget. The case against the Weinstein Company claims the film was poorly advertised.

This is highly speculative, and the outcomes of court cases will provide a clearer picture of what went on, but it is likely that the creatives behind the film turned in an inferior product solely because they didn’t want to make it in the first place.

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