10 Films Ruined By Being An Hour Too Long

These movies were great... until we fell asleep.

Roger Ebert once famously said that: "No good movie is too long and no bad movie is short enough", and yes, often complaining that a film is too long is seen as an easy, all-catch way for a viewer to dismiss a film that they just aren't interested in. Still, it is the job of a filmmaker to ensure that the audience remains enthralled for the duration of their picture, whether it's 75 minutes long or 200. That said, we're generally much more forgiving towards short films than long ones, as the idea for many is that a film should not expend any more of our time than is necessary. Whatever your own view, I have gathered 10 films which I feel were roughly an hour too long, and with some careful preening throughout the runtime, would be a lot more tolerable and entertaining to watch. None of these films are flat-out awful and some aren't even that bad, but each would flow better if the long takes, needless preambles and countless indulgences were cut down a little. I expect many of you will disagree with me a lot in this article, so feel free to argue with me or suggest alternatives in the comments!

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