10 Films That Really Didn't Deserve Razzie Nominations

Sometimes the Razzies overplay their hand...

Warner Bros.

The Razzies have been a part of Hollywood for decades. Started in 1981, the awards were meant to act as a subversive farce of the other awards shows in town. Orginal host, John Wilson, found them all to be a bit too self-serious and was looking to honor the worst films that had been made that year.

Decades later, the Razzies are still going strong, having just recently released their nominations for the 2018 ceremony. They have become a true pop culture institution, with millions the world-over waiting with baited breath to see who will be nominated each year.

For years, the ceremony has rather unceremoniously honored the films that were maligned in one way or another by audiences and critics alike.

But alas, anything that runs for over forty years is sure to make a few mistakes here and there. Throughout their long and storied history, the Razzies have nominated some of the worst films of all time but they have also nominated some of the very best films of all time.

It stands to reason - they need eyes on their product, and nothing sells interest more than controversy...


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