10 Films That Ruined Perfectly Good Holiday Destinations

2005_wolf_creek_wallpaper_001 We all love a good holiday to whisk us away from our mundane lives. One week, give or take, of whatever you choose to be your perfection. Maybe it's just a lazy time spent sunbathing in glorious weather, or exploring the vast history of an country's enthralling past, or trying something new. No matter what, the planning you do before hand means that the destination better be worth it. Now, alot of people seem to use films and other media to instantly rule out certain areas and limit their choice, when in reality the chances of those movies events coming true are slim to none. So here's ten places the movies destroyed all tourism hopes for by giving them a bad image to, portraying them as savage or just straight up destroying them entirely.

10. The Australian Outback - Wolf Creek

wolfcreek600 Greg McLean€™s major breakthrough horror Wolf Creek was a disturbing, if not slow and blatant, film. While the inspired performance of the severely deranged Mick Taylor by John Jarratt should definitely be commended, his actions, most glaringly the way in which he calmly dispatches the trio of protagonists in his Outback home, became a bit much for some of the weaker stomached audience members who had hoped for less guts and gore than the admittedly impressive load on display. In fact, McLean had to cut a scene featuring a deep grave filled with decaying corpses because test audiences felt it was €˜too much.€™ The film itself may a be a bit too in-your-face to be truly ground-breaking, but the scenery it conjures it superb. The vibrant and exotic Australian Outback is twisted into a vast, extremely isolated place in the second act of the film, culminating in some of the most inspired scenes taking place on a single, solitary road. This harsh idea of being in a small group, or even alone, in an entirely alien environment, coupled with the threat of a potbellied maniac skinning you, is enough to turn anyone off their recently planned trek through the frankly stunning sights of Australia.
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