10 Films That Unveil The Dark Side Of Sports

These films show that sometimes athletic glory can come at a great cost.

Fox Searchlight

For centuries, sports have entertained and inspired people all over the world. Warriors of the athletic stage put their hard work, sweat, and tears to the test to try to become living legends every day. These champions become our mentors as we praise their glory once they are in the spotlight. But beyond that spotlight lies a dark side that most people would like to believe does not exist.

Behind the trophies and the glory, there remains a sordid history of terrible things that have gone down when the need to win eclipsed morality. People have gone on to do some very shady acts shaking the fabric of fans' beliefs every time the story comes out. Most people in the industry would rather have these moments forgotten or swept under the rug, but there is another industry who makes a living off adapting these travesties into major motion pictures.

Hollywood has a knack for making memorable sports movies. Hoosiers, Remember The Titans and The Natural are all solid classics within the world of cinema. And while some films glorify the world of sports, some movies give audiences a glimpse of their dark side. These ten films lift the veil on the dark world of sports, revealing all of their nasty little secrets.

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