10 Films That Unveil The Dark Side Of Sports

10. Icarus


There are always rumors and rumblings of steroids in every sport, but it never truly hits people until it is inevitably proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Icarus lifted the veil and uncovered the largest doping scandal in the history of the Olympics. The documentary by filmmaker Bryan Fogel exposes how Russian sports doctors plotted with athletes to obtain false negative results on drug tests.

As the film progresses, the story goes from an informative sports feature to sinister conspiracy thriller. You soon begin to realize that this no longer about tradition, games, and gold medals: it has risen the ranks and become a chilling matter of life and death.

As you witness the smorgasbord of interviews, live-action footage, and Skype calls it becomes apparent that this Russian doping fiasco rose to the higher echelons of government. An entity representing one of the great superpowers going to great lengths to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

The rules they would break, the integrity they would omit and the lives of so many put in danger all to maintain dominance in this world-renowned athletic event. The lengths they went to achieve greatness is morally inexcusable. It is amazing how this atrocity could have happened in the shadows of such an honorable tradition that has athletes shine so bright.

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