10 Films That Unveil The Dark Side Of Sports

8. Concussion

Columbia Pictures

Concussion is a heroic film wrapped in a dark tale on the serious consequences of head injuries that titans of the gridiron suffer constantly on the field. This story pulls no punches as it tells the tale of Bennet Omalu, a medical doctor and forensic pathologist who discovers CTE after doing an autopsy on Mike Webster, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, it also shows the NFL doing everything they could to discredit the good doctor and ensure the research goes away.

Will Smith attempts to bring the story to life that showcased a powerful conglomerates attempts to hide the truth that could have prevented the deaths of hundreds of athletes to CTE. The NFL’s actions in this film really indicate that the profitability of the country's most beloved sport is more important than the preventing the players doing their job while being at risk of dementia, anxiety, and several other terrible side effects that can occur according to the film and the studies.

The hardest hit in the film isn’t on the field, it is in the closed conference rooms at NFL headquarters towards a man just trying to save people’s lives and reveal this dark secret to the world.

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