10 Films That Want You To HATE Them

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to snapping the disc in two.

Spring Breakers

We might feel like we are pretty desensitized to graphic, violent or just downright shocking content these days, what with the penetration of the mainstream by first-person shooters and Tarantino flicks. Yet you know what? everyone has seen at least one film that they wish they hadn't; and some have seen far too many.

And I'm not talking about the content that is just too gory or sweary for your nan's knitting circle, I'm talking about the films that push pure misery on screen. From ambling plots, detestable characters or just abysmal direction there are some films that actively inspire our hatred.

In fact the 10 films on this list, actively beg for that. It's a strange demand, but who are we to deny them some vitriol?

10. The Human Centipede (2009)

Spring Breakers
Bounty Films

Few films are as intentionally or so obviously provocative as Tom Six's infamous splatter horror The Human Centipede.

A mad surgeon kidnaps three tourists and proceeds to sever the ligaments of their knees and graft their rectums to each other's mouths, creating the titular 'centipede'.

One can only imagine the pitch meeting for this picture - after all, how do you tell the money men that you want to make an arse-to-mouth kidnap film with plenty of defecation and torture?

As it turns out, you don't. Fittingly, Six omitted the central premise of the film so that investors would not know the object of their and his creation until it was too late.

While the sequels descended into open parody and meta-cinema, stretching a thin budget ever thinner, the original positions itself as enough of a credible horror to warrant every ounce of its audience's hatred.

With near-zero artistic credibility, The Human Centipede will - and rightly ought to - inspire revulsion. A true misery from start to finish.


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