10 Films Titles That Had Nothing To Do With The Plot

10. City On Fire

city of fire For this entry we travel across the world and back in time to Hong Kong in 1987, when a little action film called City On Fire was released. With a title like that, we can probably expect a major disaster film in which an innocent building fire goes out of control and threatens to burn an entire city down unless the heroes stop it, right? Well, no. It is actually a crime film starring a young Chow Yun Fat and Danny Lee that sees the former infiltrate a gang of thieves as an undercover detective and tries to take them down from the inside out. It gets complicated though when he begins to befriend the gang's leader. Directed by Ringo Lam, City On Fire is best remembered as the movie that many believe Quentin Tarantino ripped off to make his first feature, Reservoir Dogs. There is a city in the movie, but at no point does it burst into flames or burn to the ground. In fact, not even a single thing is ignited in the whole film. Still, it proves to be a solid action movie with entertaining merit. It's just too bad that it fell under the shadow of Reservoir Dogs.

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