10 Films Which Accidentally Predicted The Future

Surely it can't be a coincidence...

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Films, particularly sci-fi films, love to make bold attempts to predict the future of humanity. Look no further than Back to the Future Part II's hoverboards, Blade Runner's looming billboards as far as the eye can see or the terrifying piece of artificial intelligence known as HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey which attempts to kill its creators.

However, sometimes a film will stumble across a random image, a throw away idea or a storyline so outrageous that not even the director could have predicted it would amount to anything let alone predict the future.

A movie predicting the future can come in different forms, be it a strange coincidence which coincides with the year of its release, or a major detail which becomes relevant further down the line. These examples might end up being fake movies within movies that actually end up being greenlit by Hollywood, or major world events being eerily reflected in fictional stories.

Or, it could be something much sillier.

Either way, all of the following films managed to - albeit accidentally - predict the future.


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