10 Films You Definitely Won't Remember In 10 Years

Looper In Hollywood now, certain conventions overrun the entirety of genres. There's the generic rom-com convention, where boy meets girl and they fall in love, then have an argument only to reunite by the end of the film. No one will remember these films because there is absolutely nothing unique about them. They slot into some category of film that you may see once but then instantly forget until it turns up on ITV3 at 11pm. This is a list of those films. To be honest with you, some of these films are just so bad that they'll never be remembered a few weeks after release, let alone ten years. Some have tarnished their brand for the worse, whilst others are good films in their own right, but will be overshadowed due to glaring errors and a lack of activity over their ridiculously long run times. Oh how some of these are inexcusably long...

10. The Dilemma

Vince Vaughn Now in all honesty, no Kevin James films will likely be remembered in ten years time, but The Dilemma is one of the worst. Not only was it panned by critics, but James, who up until this point was a reliable box office draw, suffered his first bomb. The same can be said for the usually consistent Vince Vaughn. The cast was there, in Ron Howard the director was even there, however the script was not. The premise of one guy being witness to his best friend€™s wife cheating on him and then suffering a moral dilemma is... not very interesting. It sounds like something that should be reserved for a Christmas special of Mike & Molly. In a really predictable, poorly executed climax, everyone finds out and then everyone resumes their lives. And then the film ends. Good luck getting that hour and a half back.

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