10 Films All Hypochondriacs Should Avoid

10. Cabin Fever - You'll Be Drinking Bottled Water For The Rest Of Your Life

Cabin Fever is your typical tale of American adolescents heading out with their beer and their high sex drives to stay in a cabin for a sweet summer getaway. But seeing as this is a horror film, you probably already know that the probability of their simply getting drunk, getting laid, and heading home satisfied is slim to none. Inevitably, something much worse happens and it's all down to a dead guy floating in the cabin's local water source. A poison from his floating corpse makes its way into the taps of the cabin where these youths are staying. They drink and bathe and shave themselves, as all teens on holiday do, and the worst possible things start to happen. Bodies start to fall apart in various ways; the guys get angry and start wanting to kill each other and one girl's vagina disintegrates in what is surely one of the most uncomfortable sexual scenes in cinematic history. Oh - and the skin on another girl's legs literally peels away from her bones in strips as she shaves her legs in the bath tub. Just don't even go there: you'll never trust the water in your taps again, and you'll be stocking up on Evian for the rest of your life. Which will work out as quite expensive in the long-run.
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