10 Foolhardy Movies That Somehow Missed Their Own Point

Watchmen When you set out to make a motion picture of any kind, it's probably a good idea that you understand the basic point behind whatever it is you're doing. You know - have a vague idea as to what the movie "means," or what it stands for, be it based on a novel, a remake, or an entirely original work. That way, you don't risk creating something that lacks a reason for existing, or - worst of all - going against the point that you spend the sum of two hours trying to make. Not only would that ensure you looked real stupid, it's also extremely disrespectful to your audience. Which is what happened in the 10 movies I've gathered here, all of which were helmed by writers and directors who weren't all that bothered about making any kind of logical point, and thought it was probably better if they made up their own morals and reasons instead. The most bizarre thing about this, of course, is that these people must've been fans of whatever it is they were adapting or making a movie about - how did they manage to massacre their meanings quite as badly as they did? Oh, right: Hollywood. And Hollywood doesn't care. Not one stinkin' bit.

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