10 Forgotten Horror Movie Scream Queens

6. Barbara Crampton

Bette Davis Whatever Happened To Baby Jane 1962
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Anyone that's seen Barbara Crampton's turn in 1985's Re-Animator know's that a certain scene with a severed head ensured she would never be forgotten by genre fans.

Evidently, Crampton herself thought this too, and through the 1980s she rode the wave of cheesy and gross-out horror to make a name for herself.

Becoming a protege of director Stuart Gordon, Barbara would work with him again on the wonderfully gory From Beyond and the sadly forgotten Castle Freak.

Away from her work as member of Gordon's "gore stable," Crampton starred in the 1986 oddball sci-fi/slasher Chopping Mall. Barbara sports a gloriously eighties look as she whines and shudders her way through the movie.

Stepping back from horror cinema, Crampton spent most of the nineties appearing in a staggering 390 episodes of daytime soap opera The Young and The Restless, ensuring she remained familiar to audiences.

In her first genre role in 14 years, Barbara returned to horror with a small part in Rob Zombie's divisive The Lords of Salem in 2011. However she was propelled back into the mainstream with a supporting role in Adam Wingard's surprise blockbuster You're Next.

Since then, Crampton has continued to ride the wave of horror recognition, with a starring turn in 2015's We Are Still Here and countless indie projects, taking her horror movie tally into double digits.


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