10 Forgotten Sci-Fi Horror Movies That You Need To Watch

Will you bring some much needed love to these forgotten gems?!

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Science Fiction and horror are two genres that mesh better than Freddy Kruger at a slumber party. The cold reaches of space, the unforgiving mind of killer robots or even devious monsters chowing down on humans are all concepts that the genre can play around with, and we've seen some genuinely iconic horror movie classics come out of sci-fi.

However, for every Alien or Event Horizon we've seen, there's plenty of less appreciated romps that have slipped under the mainstream's nose and become lost to the wheel of time.

This has undoubtedly become true for the following ten movies as they've grown to become forgotten relics of their times. Of course, this is a massive shame as countless viewers would surely love these terrifying flicks.

Some of the coming movies were popular upon their release but gradually lost steam, whereas others never found the mass appeal they deserved in the first place. Still, one thing is true for all of them, and that's that you need to check them out if you love a nice but terribly spooky slice of sci-fi pie.

10. Lifeforce

Hardware Movie
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Vampires in space. Do you need any more convincing?

There have been plenty of ludicrous concepts in horror movies, but this one goes above and beyond to put them all to shame. It was hardly a classic in the making upon its release, but the campy, practical effects-filled, B-movie flick is one that you don't want to miss out on.

Lifeforce is based on a novel titled "The Space Vampires" and tells the story of a collection of astronauts who salvage three humanoid figures from a space wreck. But, their act of charity backfires as they are actually vampires who suck the life force out of the crew before making their way to Earth.

The film has gone on to attain cult status, and it's not surprising. It's a bombastic and ridiculous flick filled with violence, nudity and dated VFX. The combination of science fiction and vampire mythology is also a deliciously campy blend, which feels both ludicrous and well-thought-out at the same time.

Thanks to the goofy concept, strong visuals, and ridiculous writing, you'll have an absolute blast watching it.


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