10 Forgotten Sci-Fi Horror Movies That You Need To Watch

9. Altered States

Hardware Movie
Warner Bros.

Some movies ruin their potential by being far too nonsensical and bizarre, but others absolutely thrive on how mind-bending and peculiar they are, with weird images and ideas galore. Altered States is one such example.

It follows a psychopathologist named Eddie Jessup as he experiments with drugs and sensory deprivation tanks to explore other states of consciousness. Naturally, as with most experiments in sci-fi horror movies, it ends up biting him in the back as he's dragged into a world of danger and mystery, putting himself and his families existence on the line.

The movie's biggest selling point, without a doubt, are the visuals, as the hallucinations are filled to the brim with creepiness, creativity and the feeling of being inside a fever dream. It's got some cracking 80s VFX that are impressive for the time but also dated in a way that makes them feel uncanny, making you feel like you're falling into a pit of madness yourself.

But, alongside the visuals, there is convincing chemistry between Eddie and his wife, which acts as the story's foundation, giving you a reason to keep going until the end.


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