10 Former X-Men Actors Perfect For The DCEU

A few of Marvel's former mutants could make a huge splash in the DCEU.

20th Century Studios

The war between the MCU and the DCEU has been reignited.

With the announcement that Michael Keaton will return as Batman in The Flash, it seems like the DCEU may finally be gearing up for a battle against Marvel that they can win. Since Man of Steel, DC's films have taken fans and critics on a roller coaster of excitement and frustration. Just when it seems like DC's production company finally uncovers gold, some turn of events threaten to turn it all to rubble.

With the success of the multiverse in DC's TV projects, it seems like now is the perfect time for this concept to translate over into the movies. Michael Keaton - who still has a major part to play, one would assume, in Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man films - will not be the only heavy hitter that DC signs.

To establish themselves as a formidable rival to the MCU and their own upcoming multiverse, DC needs to bring in the big guns.

While older Marvel actors like RDJ and Chris Evans likely won't defect, there are a number of talented actors from Fox's X-Men films that would be perfect for the DCEU.


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