10 Formidable Final Girls Who Survived Horror Movies

It's safe to say that these plucky heroines have been through a lot more than your average gals.

Any fan of horror knows that the sole survivor of every slasher is a girl who eventually manages to either destroy or escape from the killer, but did you know these "final girls" were only first identified by the academic Carol J. Clover back in 1992? If that comes up in a pub quiz one day, you now owe me a small percentage of the winnings... 80% should cover it. Most of the "final girls" share a number of characteristics including androgynous traits, a virginal lifestyle and a shared history with the killer, but in recent years, postmodern directors have consciously strove to subvert this character type in their films. Regardless though, the "final girls" are a long standing horror tradition which will be continued long after cinemas become obsolete and movies are beamed directly into our brains. Fans of horror and girls alike should read on to discover 10 formidable Final Girls Who Survived Horror Movies. Remember to let me know what you think of my choices in the comments section and if I missed out any of your favorites... Disclaimer: If a 'final girl' died on the big screen, they haven't made it to the list. Sorry Laurie Strode, sorry Ellen Ripley, they're the rules!

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